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JVM Aluminum, Inc., offers a range of aluminum products and related materials that can satisfy a wide range of applications and projects. Our materials are primarily suitable for commercial applications (storefronts, architectural, etc.) but in many cases we have fabricated and/or provided our products for in-house, in-office and other usage (with excellent results).   Our materials and fabricated end-products can be found in projects as diverse as :

  • Storefronts
  • Residential building entrances
  • Interior - eg. office environments, residential constructions
  • Movie sets
  • Commercials sets
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Art projects

The company has produced a number of extrusions in original designs, or with improvements to the U.S. market, some of which are :
  • Built-in weatherstrip at the bottom rail of the door.
  • Double fascia for original designs in the door, sidelites, etc.
  • Slim intermediate rails (3/4") for unique designs into the door.  (In addition to other rail widths.)
  • Reinforcements in the color single / double fin and other tubes for optimal performance.

For more, see the Extrusions section.

As far aluminum finishing : since 2004 we are the only ones in the U.S. (as far as we are aware), offering our flagship line of wood-grain in Electrostatic Powder Coating (EPC).  In the summer of 2003 we introduced aluminum material in the highly original silver metallic finish (EPC).  Finally, in the mid-90s, we were one of the few aluminum distributors that regularly stocked and provided aluminum storefront material in colors.

For more, see the Finish section.

Even though the company can not currently stock all products and finishes, we can special-order them for you, with a short lead-time.  We supply a wide range of top-notch quality aluminum products that are traditionally unavailable in the U.S., but are impressive as far finish, design and overall performance.

JVM Aluminum, Inc. offers both the fin and the flush glaze tube systems and commercial doors in a variety of finishes.  Storefront doors are offered in Narrow, Medium and Custom-made stiles and are typically fabricated at our site.  As mentioned elsewhere, many of the designs / features in our profiles are original and add value to the overall customer proposition.

What follows is an indicative only list; please call for availability and other products & extrusions that can be provided upon request.
  • Angles
    • A wide variety of angles, typically 1/16" thick, in sizes such as : (1" x 1".   1 1/2" x 1 1/2".   2" x 2", etc.)

  • Fin tubing
    • Double Fin tubes (1 3/4" x 4")
    • Double Fin with weatherstrip tubes (1 3/4" x 4")
    • No Fin tubes (1 3/4" x 4")
    • Single Fin tubes (1 3/4" x 4")
    • Single Fin with weatherstrip tubes (1 3/4" x 4")

  • Flush Glaze tubing
    • Cornerpost tubes (2 pockets) (4 1/2" x 4 1/2")
    • Double Pocket tubes (1 3/4" x 4 1/2")
    • Single Pocket tubes (1 3/4" x 4 1/2")
    • Sill and Sill Caps

  • Other tubes / profiles
    • Cornerpost square tubes (no pockets or fins) (4" x 4")
    • Fascia Double; can be used in a variety of designs, in frames, doors, etc.
    • Fascia Single; can be used in a variety of designs, in frames, doors, etc.
    • Intermediate rails (horizontal / vertical door designs and other uses).  (In a variety of sizes.)
    • Moldings and H-Bars (for fin systems, or other uses.) (1/2" x 1/2")
    • Square tubes (no pockets or fins) (1 3/4" x 1 3/4")

  • Doors and Door-related
    • Doors - Narrow stile.  Typical sizes : (3ft. x 7ft.), or (42" x 7ft.) Top and bottom rails are 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" respectively.
    • Doors - Medium stile.  Typical sizes : (3ft. x 7ft.), or (42" x 7ft.), but the door is built with wider rails than Narrow stile, eg. a 3 1/2" top and 5 1/2" bottom rail.
    • Doors - Custom-made sizes.
    • Doorstops

Note that the wood-grain finish product line is only available in the Flush Glaze system and for Medium Stile doors only.

The company, has pioneered the introduction of aluminum materials in different colors, always using Electrostatic Powder Coating, which is of the highest standards.  Even though aluminum in color is slightly more expensive than the clear/bronze anodized, the appearance, consistency, warmth and variety of the former are clearly superior. 

As far as the wood-grain finish we have to stress, again, that this is an Electrostatic Powder Coating finish (in fact, via a much more complex process)!  This results in a clearly superior product in appearance, durability, etc. as compared to the other method for wood-grain finish, called the "film method".  The "film method" imprint, apart from its inferior aesthetic qualities is rapidly affected by weather conditions and UV radiation, hence making it unsuitable for a large number of applications.

The powder coated wood-grain finish, made available by JVM Aluminum is absolutely appropriate for any kind of exterior application, as well as interior ones, of course.

All of our color finished aluminum is QUALICOAT certified.  See also Certifications section, for more on the quality of our products.

We use the RAL color designations (an International Classification for Architectural Colors) to describe our available finishes, which are :

Please note that all color samples shown may vary slightly from actual finish.

RAL code Finish description Finish Type Color Sample
N/A Clear Aluminum Anodized N/A
N/A Bronze AluminumAnodizedN/A
RAL 3002 Carmine Red
Electrostatic Powder Coating
RAL 5010 Gentian Blue
Electrostatic Powder Coating
RAL 6005A Moss (Forest) Green variant Electrostatic Powder Coating
RAL 9005 Jet Black
Electrostatic Powder Coating
RAL 9006 White Aluminium
(Silver Metallic)
Electrostatic Powder Coating
RAL 9010 Pure White
Electrostatic Powder Coating
N/A Wood-grain; Mahogany
Electrostatic Powder Coating+Mahogany Wood-grain finish
N/A Wood-grain; Oak
Electrostatic Powder Coating+ Oak Wood-grain finish
N/A Wood-grain; Cherry
Electrostatic Powder Coating+ Cherry Wood-grain finish

Note that as far as wood-grain finish, the following are not yet stocked, but available upon special-order :

  • White
  • Ash
  • Douglas Matte
  • Walnut
  • Green Matte

View a relevant marketing brochure here.

We provide a variety of Panels and Sheets, such as :

  • Panels
    • (4ft. x 8ft) and (4ft. x 10ft), insulated 1/4" thick : Anodized Clear / Bronze.  Single / Double faced
    • (4ft. x 8ft) and (4ft. x 10ft), insulated 1" thick : Anodized Clear / Bronze.  Single / Double faced

  • Sheets - typically 0.032" thick.  in a variety of finishes :
    • (4ft. x 8ft) and (4ft. x 10ft).  Black over White.  White over White
    • (4ft. x 10ft).  In Red / Blue / Green. The sheets often come in double-faced combinations (eg. Red / Green)
    • (4ft. x 8ft) and (4ft. x 10ft).  In Wood-Grain finish (in the near future - as of May 2005)

Our company can provide high-quality aluminum windows for residential and commercial projects.  The windows are built-to-order and exactly the way you want them. Some samples can be viewed in this gallery section.

  • Finish
    • Practically any finish can be ordered for the windows (including the wood-grain finishes).  Depending on the availability - some selections may have a longer lead time than others.

  • Opening Designs
    • Swing Opening windows ("european" style).  (Typically, these are in-swing windows)
    • Tilt-and-Turn, (single operating handle)
    • Fixed windows
    • Slider windows
    • Various other opening possibilities

  • Other Features
    • Thermally broken
    • Multi-point locking
    • Various glazing options
    • Many other design possibilities

In addition to the products outlined in previous sections, we carry a variety of products and materials that a professional might need for his / her storefront applications, architectural projects, etc.

  • Door Closers
  • Hinges; Continuous Hinges
  • Locks - Various types
  • Mill-finish angles - 1/8" thick (1 3/8" x 1 3/8")
  • Panic Bars
  • Threshold (Door Saddle)

Presently, only via special order and depending on project size :
  • Curtain Wall material
  • Etalbond materials - an extremely versatile and technologically advanced product line comprised of sandwich-type composite panels consisting of a non-toxic polyethylene core firmly bonded between fine aluminum sheets.  (These are more commonly known in the U.S. as Alucobond® products; Aluminum-Faced Composite panels (AFC), internationally).  We can typically provide them in sizes :
    • standard widths of : 3.28ft., or 4.1ft., or 4.92ft.
    • lengths may range from 6.56ft. to 23ft.
    • the finish of the AFC is user-specified

Special ordering is possible at all times, whether we stock an item or not - contact us for general information, samples, specifications.

  • Electrostatic Powder Coating finish is QUALICOAT certified.
  • Color specifications for the Electrostatic Powder Coating finish conforms to RAL Institute specifications.
  • Impact Test : ECCA T5
  • Our extrusions are manufactured and our finishes are accomplished at ISO-9000 certified factories; (a selective certifications list, follows)
    • Quality Control & Processes : ISO 9002
    • Resistance to Salt Spray for longer than 1000hrs : ISO 9227
    • Buchholz Test : ISO 2815
    • Paints & Varnishes (Adherence Test) : ISO 2409
    • Thickness Coating Measurement : ISO 2360
    • Resistance to Cracking by Gradual Deformation (Bend Test) : ISO 1520
    • Resistance to Coating Cracking Using Bending Test : ISO 1519
  • Our parts-suppliers are also either ISO-9000 certified, or well established companies, and known in the industry for their quality.

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